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Employee Personnel Action Form


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EPAF Frequently Asked Questions

EPAF is the Electronic Personnel Action Form used to submit all personnel actions, such as initial appointments, reclassifications, salary increases, and terminations.

The EPAF can be submitted after the Hiring Proposal has been approved through Interview Exchange and the candidate has accepted a verbal offer of employment.  The background check will also need to be initiated for the candidate.  The Employee Date will then need to be ten (10) days from the date the EPAF is submitted. 

The Query Date of an EPAF will automatically populate with the date the EPAF is created but should match the anticipated effective Payroll Date. The payroll date and query date should always be the same.

View detailed lists of Approval Categories HERE

The Employee Date is the date the personnel action is effective.  For a new hire this date will be the first day of employment. 

The Payroll Date is the date of the first available payroll.  Typically, this will be the same as the Employee Date unless the payroll has already passed.

  • Deadline for the monthly payroll is the 10th of each month
  • Deadline for the semi-monthly payroll is the 1st (for 15th payroll) and 16th (for 31st payroll)
  • Refer to Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule for bi-weekly deadlines
The Position Begin Date is the date the employee began in the position.  For a new hire this would be the same as the Employee and Payroll Dates.  EPAFs for stipends, re-classes, salary increases, reappointments etc., the position begin date can be found in the “Current Value” column, to the left of the “New Value” column.  Please contact EPAF Help (epaf.help@wku.edu) for questions.    

View detailed list of Job Change Reasons HERE

Approval on the Routing Queue will be different for each Department/College.  On the majority of EPAFs, the following Approval Levels will need to be included:

  • Level 10: Director/Department Head/Initial Approver
  • Level 20: Dean/Associate Dean (if applicable)
  • Level 20: Divisional Accounting
  • Level 55: Senior Level Approvers


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