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Why Knot Us Too

Program Purpose

The purpose of the program is to improve the mental, emotional, environmental, and academic success of females of color enrolled at WKU.


Program Goals 

  • Attract Women of Color who identify on the African diaspora to attend WKU;
  • Educate Women of Color through a structured program designed to support their student experience through academic and social support, access to campus resources, and professional development;
  • Support and challenge students to achieve academically at WKU;
  • Retain Women of Color through continued support programs; and
  • Promote involvement in leadership, both on and off campus.


Who can participate in the program? 

The program is open to any undergraduate woman of color who identify on the African diaspora  at the university. Graduate students, faculty, and staff are invited to attend as mentors.


What will Why Knot Us Too activities consist of? 

The young women will participate in various activities. Each month, there will be a networking luncheon, where students will have a community member to speak during lunch. One day during the month, participants will represent the program by wearing their Why Knot Us Too attire. 

Why Knot Us Too will provide a unique opportunity for participants to be connected with a diverse portfolio – Intercultural Student Engagement Center, Student Activities, Black Women of Western, Sister Act and the Chief Diversity Office. Each area provides engagement opportunities that are instrumental in fostering sense of belonging among undergraduate Women of Color. 


What are the requirements of those that participate? 

Why Knot Us participants must be a student in good academic and conduct standing to participate. Once in the program, they must commit to attending 80% of the programs and meeting regularly with the Program Coordinator or Graduate Assistant.


How often will you induct new members? 

Each spring semester new members will be inducted.




Dr. Cres'Sena Thomas, Associate Director





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 Last Modified 8/25/23