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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Graduate students are not automatically enrolled in the Flex Plan but may choose any applicable student Meal Plan option that will fit their needs.
WKU requires all first-year students, with less than 2 regular session semesters living on campus under the age of 21, to participate in one of the on-campus Meal Plans. This requirement is not influenced by changes in class standing that may occur during the student's first year at WKU.
Yes. Any first-year student, living on campus is required to have a Meal Plan, regardless of hours earned prior to attending the university.
No. If a housing exemption form has been approved and is on file with the Housing department, the student will not be required to purchase a Meal Plan. These full-time students however, will participate in the Flex Plan program if a traditional meal plan is not chosen.
All Meal Plan purchases are made through TopNet by using your student ID number, also known as your 801 # or your Net ID.
No. First-year on-campus residents may only purchase an on-campus Meal Plan and do not participate in the Flex Plan program.
Meal Plan Dollars come as part of your Meal Plan and will be loaded onto the students’ WKU ID card.  They are accepted at all on-campus restaurant locations. Any unused Meal Plan Dollars will roll from the fall semester to the spring semester.
Yes. In $50 increments up to $200 additional Meal Plan Dollars can be added to your account when signing up for the Meal Plan. This must be done prior to the end of the first week of classes.
The Flex Plan is required for all full-time undergraduate students enrolled in 12 credit hours or more, who do not select a traditional Meal Plan, living on- OR –off campus.
Yes. The student can use their Meal Plan Dollars to purchase food for your guest or by using one of your four free passes that can be used in Fresh Food Company or Hilltopper Hub.  However, you may not use a 'Meal Swipe' for the friend/family member.
Students with special dietary needs or restrictions can meet with our Registered Dietitian to find options and accommodations to fulfill their unique needs. For more information and/or assistance with food allergies or dietary restrictions, students can contact Kelci Murphy, RDN, LD at kelci.murphy@wku.edu
Dining Dollars is a separate account designed for off campus students, upperclassmen, faculty and staff. They are loaded onto your student ID card and are accepted at all our on-campus restaurant locations. When using Dining Dollars, you will save 11% on all applicable purchases and save $1 off the door price when used in the Fresh Food Company or Hilltopper Hub. The student can add money to Dining Dollars at any time throughout the year.
Additional money (Dining Dollars/Big Red Dollars) can be purchased on TopNet or by visiting the ID Center, DSU 2125.
With the All Access Plan, you can eat multiple times a day (up to once per hour) in one of our all-you-care-to-eat dining locations – Fresh Food Company or Hilltopper Hub. The All Access Plan allows you to come and go every hour into either location for a snack, meal eating in or a meal to go. The All Access Plan also allows you up to 10 Value Meals each week to enjoy your other favorite locations on campus. The All Access Plan comes with Meal Plan Dollars too that can be used at any location!
As a convenience, we offer the option to exchange a meal for a Value Meal at most dining locations on-campus. For example, if a student wants to eat at Panda Express one day for dinner instead of at Fresh Food Company, the student has the option of using a Meal Swipe to cover the purchase off one of the posted Value Meals.
Yes! If you are receiving financial aid, including grants and/or scholarships, this aid will be applied to all your university account charges including your Flex Plan. If you have an outstanding balance on your account after all your financial aid has been applied, you are responsible for the outstanding charges as an out-of-pocket expense.
Yes. The Flex Plan is charged to the full-time undergraduate student’s account automatically when the full-time criteria (12 credit hours) is met in the fall and spring semesters; unless the student enrolls in a traditional Meal Plan.
Yes. All Restaurant Group dining locations accept cash, credit, and debit cards.
No. You are not locked into that Meal Plan. The Restaurant Group allows the first 3 weeks of the semester for a student to get to campus, begin using their Meal Plan and get acclimated to eating on-campus. If the student finds their Meal Plan is not the one they want, they have the first 3 weeks to change to another Meal Plan that will fit their needs. After the first 3 weeks, the student can still upgrade their Meal Plan but will not be able to downgrade until the next semester.

Yes. If you are not a first-year required student you may cancel your Meal Plan. Please see the Meal Plan Cancellation Policy for full details. 

The Meal Plan Cancellation Policy can be found here.


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