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Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 Meal Plans

2022-2023 On-Campus Meal Plans

Semester Cost


Unlimited access* into our all you care to eat dining locations (Fresh Food Company & Hilltopper Hub) + $250 Meal Plan Dollars + up to 10 Value Meals at our other locations.

*Limited to one swipe per hour


Provides an average of three meals per day, seven days a week.

21 meals/week + $150 Meal Plan Dollars.


This offers flexibility with a set number of meals per semester as opposed to per week.

240 meals a semester + $150 Meal Plan Dollars. Average 15 meals/week.


Provides an average of two meals per day, seven days a week.

14 meals/week + $250 Meal Plan Dollars.


Ideal for students who are not on campus seven days a week. Provides 2 meals per day most days.

12 meals/week + $275 Meal Plan Dollars


Ideal for students who are not on campus seven days a week. Provides an average of two value meals a day, five days a week.

10 meals/week + $300 Meal Plan Dollars



  • First-year resident students (all students living on-campus less than two regular session semesters, unless age 21+) must participate.


2022-2023 Off-Campus Meal Plans                                   

Semester Cost


Perfect for eating on-campus once a day, 5 days per week!

80 meals/semester + $200 Meal Plan Dollars



Ideal for the student that will be on campus 3 or 4 days per week!

65 meals/semester + $300 Meal Plan Dollars



A great option for the student that spends 2 or 3 days a week on campus!

50 meals/semester + $400 Meal Plan Dollars


Recommended for:

  • Full-time undergraduate students living off-campus


What is a Block Plan?:

This plan is a ‘block’ of meals to use throughout the semester – up to 4 per day. These meals begin the Thursday prior to the first day of class and end on the Friday of finals week. Block meals can be used in Fresh Food Company and Hilltopper Hub or as a Value Meal at any of our participating locations. The plan provides Meal Plan Dollars that can be used to purchase items that are not included on the Value Meal and at our two convenient stores.


What if I have special dietary needs or restrictions?:

Students with special dietary needs or restrictions can meet with our Registered Dietitian to find options and accommodations to fulfill their unique needs. For more information and/or assistance with food allergies or dietary restrictions, students can contact Kelci Murphy, RDN, LD at kelci.murphy@wku.edu.


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